WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers, Matches

WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers, Matches:- Finally the day has come when you all will be witnessing final Raw before Wrestlemania 32. Raw will be full of fun and excitement as some exciting matches are already booked which will be changing the course and structure of WWE. Apart from this we will be seeing all wrestlers in one ring after  a long time and these wrestlers will be the making the show entertaining and taking it to the next level. Some wrestlers are already booked for a fight at Raw tonight and some matches are yet to be decided. All these things will be discussed in detail below. So friends keep on reading my article on WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results, Winners.

WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results, Winners

Most of the things I have discussed in previous three articles. Tonight’s Raw is house full as all are fans will be eager to see Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose face to face and what they do to each other at Raw. Last week as you all saw that Brock called out Dean for a fight but he was attacked by the Wyatt Family. But then Dean came for the rescue with Kendo sticks and beat the hell out of Wyatt Family first with Brock and then attacked him with Kendo sticks but Brock being a beast was able to counter and beat the hell out of lunatic French and finally ended the show by delivering him a F5 on the apron. They will be going in a No Holds Barred Street Fight Match at Mania 32 where any object is legal. It will be fun to see this match because blood will be pouring out from the faces if both the wrestlers and at the end Dean Ambrose will be winning. So do watch WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Images, Wallpapers.

WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results, Winners

There will be a contract signing between Triple H and the legendary Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match. This would be the main event of Raw as it is an important thing and once again we will be seeing Roman Reigns attacking Triple H and then leaving him a message that he is ready for a fight. The predictions are that title will be changing hands at Mania 32. All these will be witnessed at WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results. Do watch it and keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites.

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WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results

WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers

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