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WWE Monday Night Raw 8th February 2016 Matches, Winners

WWE Monday Night Raw 8th February 2016 Matches, Winners Last week before kicking off you all saw at the end that the beast iconic Brock Lesnar taking the lunatic french to suplex city and after that delivering a cracking F5 on the apron and sending a message to his competitors that he is ready for a fight at Fast lane. But today something different will be taking place and that is that we will be seeing the return of Yes Yes Yes superstar Daniel Bryan after a long time. It is predicted by the experts that he will be returning at WWE Monday Night Raw 8th February 2016 Results, Spoilers. Have a look on my article below for a detailed description on this topic.

WWE Raw 8th February 2016 Matches, Winners, Results

There are lot of fun elements that will be taking place today at Raw and all of them are lovable and enjoyable because they are full of heart warming action. We will see around 7-8 matches that will be taking place and it will be started by Paul Hayman introducing his guy Brock Lesnar and they will be talking about how beast beat up Dean Ambrose last week on Raw. Apart from all these things we will see the return of legendary Daniel Bryan and he has been returning after a long time and has been out of action. So it will nice and fun to see him back in action at WWE Raw 8th February 2016 Matches, Winners, Results, Spoilers. WWE still has to decide to place him in which match weather against the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match or for the other titles. Many more matches will be taking such as we will see AJ Styles in action against Miz because last time he was humiliated by Miz at Miz Tv so he will be thinking of getting back his revenge one and the final time tomorrow at Raw. We will also see Titus O Neil in action and he will be winning the match and also getting a chance for a title match against some other wrestler because a competitor has to be decided who will be fighting the current WWE United States Champion Kalisto at the upcoming paper view which is just two weeks away now and the name is Fast Lane. So lot of things have to be taken place on WWE Raw 8th February 2016 Public Reactions, Daniel Bryan Returns. So do have a detailed look on all these things

Daniel Bryan Returns at WWE Raw 8th February 2016

Hope you all have loved and enjoyed my article on WWE Raw 8th February 2016 Results. Till then all of you stay fit and healthy, enjoy life and do take care of ourselves and your families. Bye friends. Stay foolish and hungry.

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