WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Images, Wallpapers, Results

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Images, Wallpapers, Results:- The most awaited paper view and the match of the season is just 3 days away as we will be witnessing one of the greatest matches of all the time and it will be between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose in an Asylum Match. I am very excited about this match as it will be inside a hell structure which will be seen in WWE after a long time. It will be first ever asylum match and guess what it contains a lot of hardcore stuff above the cell and I can’t wait for this match. Below you will be getting some pics to see of this asylum so that you all can get a little idea of what is set to take place at WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results, Spoilers, Matches

Extreme Rules Asylum Match

This will be the first ever asylum match which will be taking place in WWE and it is predicted to be a full hardcore match as there is no way to escape out of the ring either throw the top of the ring or throw the gate as there is no gate in whole cell. The only way to win the match would be throw pin fall or submission. So do watch WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results on Sunday night.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016

These all are the weapons which will be lying on the top of the cell. The weapons are kendo Sticks, Steel Chairs, Barbed Wire, Belt, Mop, Jacket, Steel Chairs, Jacket and many more hardcore and lethal objects which can send any body to hell.

WWE Extreme Rules

This is the logo of WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results which will be seen after almost every match and make you all excited. So do watch all these matches and keep on sharing my articles further on social networking websites.

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