WWE Monday Night Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Results

WWE Monday Night Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Results:- All of you are excited about the Raw which will be taking place before Mania 32 and it will be taking on 28th March 2016 at Madison Square Garden. Each and every wrestler will be available at this event and the matches that will be taking place would be huge and fun to watch as they will be creating a final hype before Mania. Title matches will also be taking place and some other matches will be taking place and all the legendary wrestlers will be seen who have entered Hall of Fame at WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Results. Do read my article and write down your comments in the box given below.

WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Results

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, Dead Man (The Undertaker) and Triple H all will be seen at Madison Square Garden this Monday. The main event will be featuring Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns taking on Sheamus and Wade Barett in a tag team match. The outcome will be that Dean and Roman will be winning and after that Triple H and will be calling entire League of Nations to come and attack Roman Reigns and after that we might see the beast coming out and beating Dean Ambrose with weapons such as Steel Chairs, Kendo Sticks. All these things will be taking place at WWE Monday Night Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Results. There would be one more match and that would be a title match and it will be between Dolph Ziggler taking on Kevin Owens for Intercontinental championship. This match will end into no contest as remaining five members will come and attack both the members because at Mania 32 there would be a ladder match for the intercontinental championship.

WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Results, Winners

After a long time we will be seeing 400 pound giant Big Show taking on Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt will be winning the match easily. Bray Wyatt is not in a fight with someone but we will be seeing him in Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 3 and will not win the battle royal because he has been lined for other things. Apart from this you can also read my article on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Predictions, Results because they all are fighting for one event and that is Mania 32. So do watch Raw this Monday as you all will come to know about many things that will be helpful and beneficial for you all. Now it is my time to go. So bye everyone and do share my articles on social networking websites.

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WWE Raw 28th March 2016 Spoilers, Results

Wrestlemania 32 Results, Predictions

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Predictions


WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers

WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers:- Finally the most awaited Raw will be coming tonight and we will be witnessing many new things tomorrow on Raw. Return of a great hardcore wrestler is confirmed tomorrow and he is Mic Foley. No one knows what is the reason for his return but he is returning to comment on the match set up between Triple H and Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Apart from this thing I will be sharing the fallouts from the event that recently took place on Sunday and that was Roadblock 2016. So do read my article on WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Results.

WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Spoilers, Winners

Apart from Mick Foley we will be seeing return of Daniel Bryan and he will be coming for supporting his wife Brie Bella because she has been attacked a lot by Lana in previous years. So he will be setting up a base and making a good story line between these two beautiful divas.  Many questions will be discussed on Raw tomorrow weather Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 3 will be taking place or not. From past two years Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has taken place and every time a new winner has been emerged. The first time it was won by Antonio Ceasro and second time it was won by legendary Big Show. So WWE still has to decide weather this battle royal will be taking place. This will be discussed at WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Results. Many things WWE have to decide before Mania 32.

WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Results, Images, Wallpapers

One thing they still have to look on is weather they want to keep Kevin Owens vs Sami Zyan a one on one match or it can be a fatal for way match which will feature Neville vs Miz vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zyan because past week on Raw and Smack down these four competed against one title and that was for the Intercontinental championship and tomorrow on Raw there is a confirmed match between these four. A title match has also been booked for tomorrow’s show and that will be a tag team match which will feature New Day taking on Alberto Del Rio and Andre Rusev at WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Results. So it will be a great tag team match and the predictions are that New Day will be retaining the titles. We will also hear AJ responding to Y2J about his actions past week on Raw. Secondly one hot topic to discuss and that is when will Roman Reigns be returning to WWE because he has a match with Triple H at Mania 32. So all the questions will be answered at only one place and that is WWE Raw 14th January 2016 Results. Do watch it and keep on sharing these things at social networking sites.

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WWE Raw 14th March 2016 Results

WWE Raw Results

Raw Results