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Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles Extreme Rules Match Result, Winner

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles Extreme Rules Match Result, Winner:-You all have been aware till now that the main event at Extreme Rules have already been booked and it will be between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and it would be a proper hardcore match where anything and everything will be legal. Both of them will have to beat hell out of each other in order to win the match and emerge as victorious. So do watch the main event which is Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles WWE World heavyweight Championship Match Result, Winner. The prediction of this match will be shown below. So do read it in detail.

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles Extreme Rules Match Result, Spoiler

There was an interview conducted by ESPN and the guest was Roman Reigns and he was asked several questions regarding his match at Extreme Rules against AJ Styles and what role can bullet club play in that match and also don’t forget about the USOs they will always be on the back of Roman Reigns. On confronting AJ Styles, Rules says Styles is a world voyager, and has made his imprint all over the place, however he’s in the organization now, and it’s Rules’ home. Rules says he trusts he will dominate the competition at Amazing Principles, and he’s anticipating doing unique things at Great Standards with Styles.Do watch the main event which features Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles Match Result, Winner, Spoiler.On being a polarizing figure in WWE, Rules says each night is an alternate night in WWE. He said it’s live, and you get distinctive sorts of group brain research each night, and he cherishes learning and advancing and showing signs of improvement.

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles Extreme Rules Match Images, Wallpaper, Result

Many have predicted that Seth Rollins will be returning at Extreme Rules and will be going after his title which he had never lost but had to give up because of leg injury. His return can lead to two things. One can be the return and formation of Shield again and they go after Bullet Club and show them who is better. Second can be that Seth can attack Roman at Extreme Rules and simply sends him the message that he is ready for the fight against his title. So do watch the event WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results and many doubts will be clarified and cleared after watching this legendary paper view.

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